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Perspectives on energy and water technologies and policy

Thoughts of a Lapsed Physicist - Perspectives on energy and water technologies and policy

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This weekly blog (see Table of Contents below) will serve primarily as a platform for my perspectives on energy, water-energy, and related issues,  and as a platform for exchange of views with readers.  I will also use the blog as a repository for my written articles and power point presentations from the mid-1990s on, covering the period when I was managing the U.S. Department of Energy’s renewable energy electricity programs (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, hydropower, ocean, energy storage, hydrogen, superconductivity) and the following years until retirement from DOE in 2012.
It will hopefully serve as a resource for others engaged in similar pursuits and for those yet to enter these and related fields.  I will also use the blog to occasionally discuss ‘random thoughts’ on other issues that catch my attention, including reference to post-retirement activities.

Table of contents:

President Obama On Energy: State of the Union Adddress
Peter Varadi Sees a Dim Future for the Oil Industry
A Presidential Campaign Speech from 2052
Revisiting the Keystone XL Pipeline Issue
The Coal Conundrum
What Will Historians Say About Recent U.S. Congresses?
It is Time to Take the Next Step on Energy Policy
Returning to an Important Subject: the Vulnerability of the U.S. Electrical Grid
Investing In Solar Energy: If Only I Was Younger
Does It Make Sense to Add Storage to a Home Solar System?
The Yieldco and Its Impact on Solar Energy
Comments on EPA’s Recently Released Report on Fracking
One More Blog Post About Global Warming
Financing the Growth of Renewable Energy in Scotland
Addressing Climate Change – A Needed Policy
The Exciting Changes Taking Place in Scotland’s Energy System
Two New Books Worthy of Your Attention
Documenting the 1970s – Part 2 of 2
Documenting the 1970s – Part 1 of 2
Report of an Interview – Republished From the ECOreport
The Vulnerability of Our Electric Utility System to Cyber Attacks
The Climate Change Thing – Revisited
New book – ‘Energy Poverty: Global Challenges and Local Solutions’
More on the Lighting Revolution
Reflections on Short-term vs. Long-term Thinking on Energy Policy
Status Report: the Blog as of 24 November 2014
What Might the 2014 Elections Mean for U.S. Energy and Environmental Policy?
Looking Back at Energy Policy in the 1970’s
A Letter to President Obama
A Few Thoughts on Energy and the Scottish Independence Vote
A Conversation With S. David Freeman
Shale Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing – Framing the Water Issue
Looking Ahead 30-40 Years – A Risky Business
Thoughts On U.S. Energy Policy – Updated
Grids, Smart Grids and More Grids: What’s Coming
A Personal View
Energy Storage: A Critical Link In the Renewable Energy Chain
Peak Oil: A Valid or Invalid Concept?
Peter Varadi’s New Book: ‘Sun Above the Horizon’
Africa’s Energy Future: A Dynamic Part of the 21st Century
Am I Still An Environmentalist?
Methane Hydrates: The Granddaddy of Fossil Fuels
A Note to My Readers
Request to readers: please help me choose a title for an ebook of my blog posts
Human Wastes: Another Energy Resource Waiting to Be Tapped
Zero Energy Buildings: They May Be Coming Sooner Than You Think
Oil Spills and Our Inability to Clean Them Up Properly
Electrochromic Windows: We Need to Get the Cost Down
Animal Wastes: An Energy Resource That Is Win-Win
Gender Issues and Sustainable Development: We Need to Pay More Attention
Subsidies For Energy Technologies: Are They Fair?
Lighting: A Revolution In Progress
Mentoring: A Critical Need In Any Organization
Balancing Environmental Interests and Our Energy Future: Often A Difficult Call
Water Disinfection: It Is Saving Lives
Biomass Energy: An Old and Future Technology
Controlled Nuclear Fusion: The Energy Source That Is Always A Few Years Away
Desalination: An Important Part of Our Water Future
Animal Cognition – The Beginnings of Understanding
Energy Efficiency – The Necessary Cornerstone of U.S. Energy Policy
Wind Energy In Scotland – What A Wind Farm Looks Like
An update – the blog author is in Scotland
Geothermal Energy: A Resource Waiting To Be Fully Tapped (Part 2)
Geothermal Energy: A Resource Waiting To Be More Fully Tapped (Part 1)
Ocean-based Energy: What Is Its Potential? (Part 1 of 2)
Ocean-based Energy: What Is Its Potential? (Part 2 of 2)
Why Is the Affordable Care Act Having Such A Difficult Roll-out?
Wind and Hydropower: A Natural Partnership
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Important Parts of Our Energy Future?
Carbon Capture and Sequestration: Is It a Viable Technology?
What I Took Away From the Doha Clean Energy Forum
Off to Doha – international Herald Tribune’s Global Clean Energy Forum
Solar Power Satellite Systems: A Viable Option?
Where Should We Draw the Line on Fossil Fuels?
An Energy Grand Bargain: Something to Consider?
Anticipating the Future: It Can Be Difficult
Concentrating Solar Power: A Viable Option For Desert Regions
Solar Energy: The Unstoppable Transformative Technology
The Role of Government vs. That of the Private Sector
Flywheels: A Way To Change the Utility Business Model?
Vulnerabilities of U.S. Infrastructure: We Need To Pay More Attention
Sticking Your Neck Out
Nuclear Waste Storage: A Problem We Must Solve
We Need A Carbon Tax
Update on Global Warming And The Threat Of Sea Level Rise
Fracking: The Promise And The Problems
Update On Blocking ‘Spam’
Leaving the World in Younger Hands: It Will Be OK
The 1996 Summer Olympics: Setting A New Green Energy Standard
A Tribute to two Distinguished Colleagues And Renewable Energy Pioneers
The Promise of Renewable Energy: It Can Do The Job
More on Renewable Energy: Where Does It Come From?
A History of Renewable Energy at DOE
Status Report
Keystone XL Pipeline: A Memorandum To The President
CAFE Standards: Our Biggest Energy Conservation Measure
The Beginnings of a U.S. Energy Policy
Nuclear Power: The Faustian Bargain
Values and Energy Policy
Global Warming and Climate Change: All Too Real
Cheesecake Recipe: Something Special
Offshore Wind Energy: The Emerging Renewable Technology
Water and Energy: A Critical Nexus
Thoughts on an Energy Policy for the New Administration (2008)