Status Report

Now just over six weeks into joining the blog world and finding it easier and more fun than anticipated. A little over 100 hits and 14 comments per week on average so far and interested in going a bit more ‘viral’ (but not too much) now that I’m more comfortable with posting and responding to comments. So please consider this a reminder that I’m out there and looking for more readers and comments. Please sign up to follow the blog so you can be alerted when new posts appear, and please share the blog site ( with colleagues, family and friends if you think they might find it of interest.

The ten topics covered to date, nine on non-food topics, include:
– Thoughts on an Energy Policy for the New Administration (2008)
– Water and Energy
– Offshore Wind Energy
– Cheesecake Recipe
– Global Warming and Climate Change
– Values and Energy Policy
– Nuclear Power
– The Beginnings of a U.S. Energy Policy
– CAFE Standards
– Keystone XL Pipeline

Upcoming blogs will focus on solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and other forms of renewable energy, and other topics that are in the news and/or catch my attention.