Off to Doha – international Herald Tribune’s Global Clean Energy Forum

I will be leaving on Sunday, October 6th to spend most of a week in Doha, Qatar. This will largely be to participate in the International Herald Tribune’s annual Global Clean Energy Forum. My next blog(s) will be based on what I experience and learn at the Forum. (Note: as of October 15th the IHT will formally be relabeled New York Times International).

The following description is from the 2013 Forum web site (

“Sustainability in the new energy reality

The 2013 Global Clean Energy Forum will explore the new energy reality – that of abundant fossil fuels, cooling political sentiment towards renewables and risk-averse investors.

It will examine the new role of clean energy within the overall energy mix, and the complete journey towards a sustainable future which will include cleaner hydrocarbons and nuclear 2.0.” The full agenda and other Forum details can be found at the web site.

Solar PV

Specifically, I will be a speaker in the October 9th interview session labeled ‘The new energy mix’ (details below):

“On-stage keynote interview: The new energy mix
Shale gas, and increasingly shale oil, are changing the dynamics for the whole energy industry – especially in the US, but with global repercussions. What does this mean for renewables?

How will renewable energy prices be affected by the rise of shale?
What part will gas play in the transition to clean energy?
What next for onshore and offshore wind?
What is the place for Concentrated Solar Power in tomorrow’s energy mix?
How can the water energy nexus be balanced?
Dr Allan Hoffman, Visiting Professor of Renewable Energy and Desalination, GORD (Gulf Organization for Research and Development) and former Senior Analyst, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, US Department of Energy (DOE)
Santiago Seage, CEO, Abengoa Solar
Omran Al-Kuwari, CEO & Co-founder, GreenGulf Inc.”

Meetings such as this are becoming more common and needed as renewables enter the energy mainstream.