Request to readers: please help me choose a title for an ebook of my blog posts

Dear readers,

At the suggestion of several friends I am gathering many (47) of my first year blog posts (May 2013-March 2014) for publication as an ebook. The title is proving to be an issue. Would like your help in settling on a name – hope to publish soon.

Some possibilities that have been suggested:

Energy, Water and Environment (too boring?)

Energy, Water and Environment: Beyond the BS (too ‘risqué?)

Energy, Water and Environment: Penetrating the Fog

Others – open to all suggestions

Thank you.


I vote for the “BS one” of the three. Also how about:

-Energy, Water and Environment: A Beginner’s Guide
-The Energy/Water Nexus and Cheesecake: Everything You Need to Know


How about a not-boring-and-only-slightly-risque take on Energy, Water, and Environment:

“Hot, Wet, and All Around You”