Status Report: the Blog as of 24 November 2014

This blog began in late May 2013 and is now a year and a half old. In that time I have prepared 74 blog posts expressing my opinions on a wide variety of energy, water-energy, and environmental topics, plus one fabulous cheesecake recipe. Having achieved my original goal of sharing my perspectives on the many energy and related issues I have thought about during a long Washington, DC career, I’ve decided to switch my focus a bit and do fewer blog posts than in the first 18 months (although I will still be blogging occasionally as opportunities and urges arise) and devote the bulk of my writing time to a book on energy policy and politics, as encouraged to do by my wife and several colleagues/friends.


It will be a retrospective based on my 45 years of educating myself and thinking about energy issues. Much has changed in those 45 years and I have had a somewhat unique position from which to observe and influence those changes through the various professional positions I have held.

I admit to a bit of hesitation about taking on the task of writing a book, having watched several colleagues wrestle with such a task, but if not now when? I’m no longer a spring chicken and egocentric enough to believe that my perspectives may be of value to others, especially others who are younger. I anticipate a book of about 10 chapters and 200 pages, with a target date sometime in 2015.

In reflecting on the blog I’ve also concluded that the many blog posts to date, with more to come, could constitute the core of an energy course for students at various academic levels. The posts are designed to be non-technical for an interested lay audience and of moderate (OpEd) length for easy reading. As core elements of a wide-ranging course on energy and related issues the posts can serve as introductions to these various topics which can then be enhanced with additional readings selected by the instructor. Please share this suggestion as appropriate.


Wish me luck!

Bob Hennkens

Writing a book in 7 months is ambitious, but you can do it. I did it in only 18 years and the book ended up with seven pages and one blank page to satisfy the printer. But I did manage to publish over 100 million posters and 30 million calendars in the same time. So go quickly and build a new career. Don’t tell anyone who did it. The moors have many tales yet to be told. Bob Hennkens