Long-delayed update

To the readers of this blog:

I apologize for not adding posts to my blog for quite some time, while I have been distracted by writing a book and five chapters for a colleague’s new book on solar energy. The book is entitled ‘The U.S. Government and Renewable Energy: A Winding Road’ and will be published by Pan Stanford Publishing later this summer. It will be available initially in softcover, and after a while in digital form. A hardcover version may also be published.

The five chapters will be published toward the end of this year in a book being edited by Dr. Peter F. Varadi and entitled ‘Sun Towards High Noon: Meteoric Rise of the Solar Industry Continues’. It will also be published by Pan Stanford Publishing.

With the completion of these writing activities I plan to return to blogging, starting with an analysis of the energy policies put forward by the two U.S. presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.